Friday October 31st
Get ready for MIDNIGHT MADNESS 2014 - Halloween Night till Midnight!

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Welcome to world famous Mid City Gym and Tanning.

The longest operating gym in the country!

With 2 locations in New York, Mid City Gym has been shaping the tri-state area since 1962. Experience the comfort of a friendly and unpretentious work out environment.

A fully equipped fitness facility with expert trainers, Mid City meets all your fitness goals. Also enjoy the healthy glow of a tan in our state-of-the-art Hex™ Tanning Booths.

Join today, and become part of the legendary Mid City Gym: "The Last Real Gym".

One on One... And Done!

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About The Owner

Vince Consalvo has been the hands-on owner and operator of Mid City Gyms since 1989. His credentials include:
* Competitive Bodybuilder 1980's * Professional Judge for 4 years * 7 Personal Training Certifications including NASM, Commercial Equipment Analyst, Resistance Training Specialist Levels 1 & 2, and  Apex Nutrition. This summer will mark his 25th Year in the Gym Business! 

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