Luis “Big Lou” Vega

Luis “Big Lou” Vega

Luis Vega is an NSAM and ACE certified personal trainer whose goal is to educate his clients on how their bodies can transform and reach their inner strength and physiques that they are looking for. Having fallen in love with the art and sport of bodybuilding while competing as a National Physique competitor, Luis followed his passion and became a trainer so he can pass on the same knowledge that led him to be known as a warrior and become a winning bodybuilding competitor.

“I’ve been with Luis Vega since the reopening of gyms back when the pandemic was over. I have to say that he listened to what I wanted out of training and has transformed my body to what I never thought possible! At my age of 73 years old, working with Lou has been a blessing for both my mental and physical health.” – KJELD A. New York, NY
“Big Lou is always cracking jokes – such a comedian, but I must say he knows his stuff when it comes down to bodybuilding! He has helped me in understanding what it takes to feel, and engage my muscles for growth and that great pump. The thing that makes me laugh the most is when the owner looks at me and tells Lou that I look bigger than him! I always get a laugh out of him. Great guy is all I have to say about Lou – great guy!” – Anthony P. New York, NY

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