Anthony “AZ”

Anthony “AZ”

Anthony has been training, and training with, many of the well known fitness and bodybuilding personalities for the past 30 years! Being a former Mr. Natural New Jersey competitor, AZ combines old-school techniques with modern functional training methods to create fun and effective workouts! His Sunday boot camp will have you sweating and pumped – never doing the same workout twice using combinations of weights, plyometrics, battle ropes, medicine balls, and more! Need nutrition and supplement advice? AZ has tried every diet regimen out there. Be ready to experience unique and challenging workouts when you train with Anthony!

"Training with AZ has been an absolute delight. His expertise, motivation, and personalized approach have made my fitness journey most enjoyable!. His ability to push me just the right amount has been key to my success. I couldn't be happier with the progress we've made together." – Chun W. New York, NY

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