Unlimited Tanning at Mid-City Gym

t1 t2We have the best tanning rates in Manhattan – check our prices below!

The Mid City Gym has state-of-the-art “Hex II” standing booths. Hex II booths – pictured right – are the very best designed & engineered tanning systems in the industry.

The features include:

  • 46 Reflector Lamps in a hexagonal array for a 360 degree tanning experience
  • 2 Jensen 90-watt speakers installed in the ceiling of the HEX tanning unit, so you can listen to music while tanning
  • 6-10 minute sessions, depending on customer request. And yes, a 10 minute session will get you plenty tan due to HEX “smart lamp” technology & potency!
  • Reflective material behind the lamps, floor & ceiling
  • Cooling system installed for a comfortable tan
  • The best part? There’s no clean-up! There’s no body contact with the machine when you stand-and-tan. So lets say you want to tan on your way to a meeting or a date, and don’t have time to shower after – you won’t need to!

Our prices for tanning at Mid City Gym completely blow away the competition.




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