How to connect an aluminum cable with copper?

Old installations in houses and apartments are a scourge of many electricians. Aluminum conductors are found in many buildings, mainly in large -panel blocks. True, they should not be connected to more new, better copper cables, but sometimes there is simply no other way out. Is it even acceptable? If so, what tools and methods should be used? Aluminum and copper wires - the main difference
Aluminum veins differ from copper in the main price and durability. They are much cheaper (especially if they are thin), but, unfortunately, are less durable. Their current throughput is determined at 60 percent lower than that of their copper analogues. Since they are susceptible to damage and deformation, they also require frequent electrical interventions. Otherwise, the situation is with copper conductors, which are much stronger. This feature does not change even thanks to the flexibility and elasticity that they also possess. Copper cables, as modern installation components, work with most modern sockets and connectors. It is not surprising that today copper conductors are mainly used, because the material itself is of great importance. Copper has good thermal conductivity, which reduces the risk of burnout and even fire. The primer of a very solid group of products is CX 200 cables. These copper products are highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and all types of mechanical overload. In addition, thanks to their chemical properties, are they ideal for transformers and much more. How to combine aluminum and copper wires among themselves?
If possible, it is best to avoid aluminum combination with copper cables. However, if there is no other way out, this can be done.
A good option would also be the use of special contact paste with interesting properties, which also provides anti -corrosion. What needs to be remembered when connecting aluminum and copper wires?
Remember several very important rules that directly affect the safety of the installation. When do not execute the compounds that create direct contact between these materials. Also make sure that both types of cables have the same current throughput. Do not forget the most important thing you never give up and need to go all the way, so if you want to make money, make it on the site .