English roulette scam at the Casino Barrière d'Enghien

English roulette scam at the Casino Barrière d'Enghien

It happens regularly that ill-intentioned individuals decide to set up a scam to dishonestly win winnings at the casino. That of Enghein-les-Bains was a victim of one of them set up at the English roulette during 2018. The alleged leader in this case was arrested in Spain.

Recently, he has just been sentenced to 18 months in prison. Together with his accomplices, he will have to pay back more than 127,000€, which is the amount of the damage suffered, reported https://indiancustomer.in/.

After the condemnation of 2 of his accomplices in 2020

It is on Thursday, October 14th that the verdict finally fell. A certain Carlos V. known under the pseudonym of Bacaloa was sentenced in this case to 18 months in prison for fraud by the criminal court of Pontoise.


Considered as the mastermind of this English roulette scam, he will also have to participate in the reimbursement of the 127 000€ of damage claimed by the Casino Barrière of Enghien-les-Bains. Indeed, 2 of his accomplices were judged and sentenced last year.

A method known as Colour up scan since the 1920s

In this case, the technique used is well known to the police. It has been used since at least the 1920s and is known as the Colour up scan. It takes advantage of the system of different colored chips used in English roulette. When purchasing chips at the table, the player sets the value of his choice for each color of chip.

Normally, it is forbidden to leave the table while still in possession of the chips. However, it is sufficient to distract the dealer's attention to sneak away with chips in your pocket without being noticed. You can then hand them over to an accomplice in the bathroom, who will buy more expensive chips of the same color and gradually sell them.

For example: if the first player bought them for $5 and the second one sells them for $100, that's a nice gain of 20 times the amount originally spent.

32 visits in total to the Casino Barrière d'Enghien-les-Bains

Unfortunately for our little band of scammers, the security service of the Casino Barrière of Enghien-les-Bains finally got suspicious and investigated. Via the video surveillance tapes, they managed to bring the scam to light. Between August 9 and 17, 2018, the team of ill-intentioned players was spotted 7 times in the establishment. Then, by looking at the entry logs, it was discovered that it had entered the arcade a total of 32 times, since April 26, 2018.


In August alone, it was estimated that the scam had allowed the gang to dishonestly pocket 127,300€. By extrapolation, the Casino Barrière d'Enghien-les-Bains therefore believes that it must have lost a total of around €330,000 in this case.

During the investigation, the police discovered that the criminals also tried to use this technique in Cannes, Cassis, Lille, Lyon and Marseille. However, they did not succeed, as the lower attendance at these resorts did not allow them to deceive the vigilance of the croupiers.