Devon Larratt is the world's strongest heavyweight

Devon Larratt is a famous Canadian arm wrestler who has won many arm wrestling awards throughout his career. Devon is a terrific tough man, known for his skill in arm wrestling.

In addition, Larratt has an impressive record of winning arm wrestling titles for men bigger than himself. What's more, his amazing performance has made him one of the greatest armwrestlers of all time.

Professional experience

A professional arm wrestler, Devon became interested in arm wrestling in high school. Moreover, shortly thereafter, at the age of 21, he began dating other Canadian arm wrestling athletes.

But he had to stop competing because of a medical complication. Devon had to undergo a medical procedure to fix his elbow and right arm.

This forced him to wrestle and affected the functionality of his arm.

Similarly, Devon Larratt had to undergo a similar surgery on his left arm. Unlike the last complication, he healed much faster.

Consequently, he recovered just in time to win the World Armwrestling Championship.

In addition, Devon is known for defeating a wrestler on his hands. In addition, he also earned a reputation as the best wrestler on the planet.


Many may not know this, but Larratt is not only an arm wrestler, but also a former military man.

During his time in the Army, Devon trained and competed against fellow servicemen. Arm wrestling was a common sport on military bases.

Thus, it helped Devon grow exponentially.

After leaving Special Forces, Devon focused solely on arm wrestling and rose to fame in late 2000.

Additionally, Larratt gained worldwide fame after defeating the legendary John Brzenk in 2008. This led to the growth of his legacy and popularity around the world.

In addition, Devon holds the record for winning both right and left hand world titles at the same time.

In addition to dominating the sport and winning many championships, he had to limit his opportunities because of elbow surgery.

Hands of Steel

Devon has been actively competing and defending his title since the beginning.

However, the recovery was much faster, and soon after, Devon began competing in tournaments.

Family life

Devon is a family man, and he loves spending time with his family. In addition, like her husband, Jody has also expressed her love for arm wrestling.

Devon didn't take her seriously, as he knows the bare-knuckle scene isn't for everyone. Moreover, after many conversations, Jody and Devin began training together.

When asked what she thought about it, Jody said that arm wrestling allows her, women in general, to step outside the box.

You can show some serious primal aggression at the arm wrestling table, and it's okay.

In addition, Devon claims that his wife has been training much harder than before and has improved her skills.

In addition, the couple's home recently became a basement gym for arm wrestling enthusiasts.

Devon has competed in many tournaments and won matches all over the world. Remarkably, Larrat won these titles while recovering from surgery.

Height, weight and hand size

Devon is a colossal human arm worthy of his reputation. He has a biceps of 43.5 cm on his forearm and 38 cm.

Likewise, the wrestler currently has a staggering height of 6 feet 5 inches or 1.96 meters. In addition, the professional arm wrestler weight of Devon Larratt about 102 kg or 225 pounds.

The athlete follows all the intense training of his body and arms to maintain his physical fitness. In addition, he follows a strict diet in order to maintain his abilities at the highest level.

Devon has made a fortune competing in arm wrestling tournaments all over the world.

Arm wrestling is a fight where during the fight, opponents look each other in the eye. The "killer look" category was won unanimously by Devon Larrat.