Dear Valued Mmber

Still no definite date to reopen, however, our current plan is to assess the number of days closed and add that time and/or training to any members that paid in full or have been charged during this time. 

Under my ownership, we did not close the gym even for one day in 30 years! Holidays, hurricanes, etc, we were there for you! It would help us tremendously and we would really appreciate if you would keep your membership going and receive the time back once we reopen. You will not lose any time or training you have paid for. Any further questions please email midcitygym@yahoo.com and we’ll do our best to get back to you in a timely manner. Mid City Gym has been here for you for 58 years, and we will be here for you again once this is over!
Thanks for being so understanding and supportive of small businesses that employ 49% of the population in this country and most of all, thanks for being a member!

Mid City Gym

About Mid-City Gym

Established in 1962, Mid City Gym is the Longest Running Gym in the Country! It is currently owned and operated since 1989 by Vince Consalvo, former physique competitor, judge, equipment analyst, bodybuilding historian, and holder of 7 personal training certifications including NASM, and Resistance Training Specialist Levels 1 & 2. This year marks his 30th year in business!

Mid City Gym offers its members a one stop shop for everything fitness – all the things that matter: Personal Training, Group Training, Boxing training, Stretching Programs, Supplements, Juice Bar, and for that finishing touch – Tanning. 


Our FitX training programs combine the accountability of working with a personal trainer with the flexibility of taking one of our themed FitX fitness classes such as STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, CROSSTRAIN, and ABS & BUTT whenever you want for the fastest results possible!



Besides the usual gym fare of free weights, machines, and cardio, (Treadmills, Elipticals, AMTs, Recumbent and Upright bikes), we also offer open spaces for stretching and personal training, Olympic lifting, heavy bag, suspension training, along with kettlebells, logs and other types of unique functional training equipment.