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About FITx Personal Training

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The FITx training series is truly intended for you:
If you’re new to the gym or even physical fitness, the FITx training series will inspire you to love working out. Our objective is to be aware and attentive to your fitness level, schedule, and budget. You’ll enjoy an array of the most popular training workouts that will motivate you to want to return every single day. Conveniently scheduled, the FITx series is sure to have the training you want, when you want it.  Designed entirely with your physical ability in mind, the FITx training series includes beginner programs to get you started and more progressive programs as your physical ability and desire improve.

Your budget and goals are important:
FITx understands your time, budget, and need for variety are important. The training series is the answer to effectively help you lose weight fast and affordably get you in great shape in less time. More importantly, the FITx training system maintains your results by providing a fun variety of training programs to keep you interested and motivated over time.

Don’t be afraid.  No fitness experience required:
Exercises in the FITx program are easier than you would think. For those new to fitness, a variety of entry level programs are included. Every entry level program introduces you to fitness gradually, educating you on proper form and safety in a supportive, comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere.

Expect amazing results:
FITx results are immediate and lasting, especially to those new to fitness. The results you will gain from FITx during your first few weeks are comparable to clients training for 12 months or more. Since FITx is a functional training program, as long as you are performing each exercise to the best of your ability, you are gaining maximum results. As your ability and fitness improves, so do your results.

What is the Training Series?
The FITx training series is an arrangement of (7) seven goal-oriented, specialized training programs designed to help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Each program is designed intentionally to peak your interest regardless of your goal or fitness level. Having the choice of programs will keep you motivated and interested for the long term amazing results guaranteed.

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